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  • What is Paint Protection Film?
    In our expert opinion, Ultrafit is the best paint protection film in the market due to its exception clarity, and unmatched stain resistance due to their proprietary hydrophobic topcoat. It is also available in rolls up to 72″ wide which allows for one-piece installations on even the largest panels. Ultrafit comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Experienced Installers
    Experience is critical when it comes to the installation of paint protection films. Inexperienced installers lack the knowledge required for proper paint prep, proper application techniques to eliminate stretch marks, and a detailed eye for debris and bubbles that can become permanently trapped under the film.
  • Professionalism
    From our meticulously maintained shop, to our thorough quoting process, to our timely scheduling. We know your time is valuable and we will do what it takes to deliver an installation that exceeds your expectations, the first time around.
  • How does the self-healing work?
    Ultrafit Paint Protection Film contains a proprietary top-coat. This top coat protects the urethane against surface scratches. The majority of surface scratches will self-heal when exposed to heat – sun, warm panel (motor running), warm water, etc. We demonstrate this with a copper wire brush to simulate surface scratches that will self-heal such as surface dirt, sand, salt, etc.
  • Polarized sunglasses make Paint Protection Film look iridescent. Is this normal?
    This is purely an interaction between light reflected from car surface through the film and polarized glasses. Light reflected from the surface is polarized in different direction and each polarization propagates through the film differently. This is an inherent feature of the film as it gets oriented to some degree during the installation. A good analogy would be looking at a screen of an ATM machine in polarized glasses – you can see a normal screen when you look straight at it and then you tilt your head and see a black screen.
  • Why should you have Window Tint?
    We spend half of the time commuting every day, so why not drive comfortably? It’s crucial to maintain your interior from cracking or fading, giving it more durability against harmful UV Rays Protection. Most of the time, we sit in traffic, covering up from the sun with anything we can find. Florida weather can get pretty warm during summer, and there is one reason you should consider window film. Giving it a whole different appearance changes the look of your vehicle. Not having a privacy shade can be a concern, especially in high theft dangerous cities. The chances of someone breaking into your car are very minimal with a privacy tint. Not the mentioned, in case of an accident, the film will help the glass keep in place. These are the advantages why you should go with window film.
  • Is it legal to tint front windshield?
    I know most of us would like to have a nice UV rays and heat protection while the sun is beaming on us through the front windshield. In Florida we are allowed to have 70% VLT. This can help reduce sun glare, UV radiation, solar energy, and inferred rays for the ultimate in comfort. The quality of brand or film can play a huge roll when it comes to skin care.
  • For how long should I wait to roll windows down after film installation?
    It’s recommended letting the tint heal for 3-5 days. You may notice some haziness or water moist (it may appear as bubbles), this will eventually dry away within days. During winter or cold season it may take up to 5-7 days to cure.
  • After care window tint treatment?
    To help with the longevity of the window film, we ask to use proper window cleaner with a soft microfiber towel. A non-glass cleaner can damaged the film causing color fading, haziness, or film distortion.
  • Can I install new tint over old tint?
    It’s not recommend adding new film on top of an existing tint. This may cause the older tint to start bubbling or peeling sooner. It can also complicate the removal process later in the future, it can increase the chances of windshield defrost to come along with the film.
  • Can you remove old bubbly tint?
    Yes, this may cause damages to your rear windshield defrost depending on the conditions of the tint. Don’t leave your tint on for too long after it starts bubbling or fading, as the tint gets pretty toasty and more difficult for removal.
  • How long does the tint last for?
    Window tint can effectively last from one to ten years. Lifespan depends on the product and brand you choose for your vehicle. Keeping the vehicle in a shaded area or indoor can help with the longevity of the film, as well as giving it the proper maintenance.
  • Can you tint on top of a cracked windshield?
    When you try to tint around a crack or chip area, is highly the risk to spread knick or crack even further. Furthermore, the smallest crack that was unnoticeable can reflect a lot more with window film. For this we recommend fixing or replacing the windshield first before window tint installation.
  • What are the difference between Ceramic and Regular fIlm?
    Toggle ConteCeramic film offer the best protection you can ask for, from skin cancer care to your vehicle’s interior. Giving you a much comfortable commute during hot summer, this will make you enjoy your vehicle a lot more. Ceramic film is the best option if you are looking to keep vehicle cooler during high temperature. Most regular film are color dyed, meaning it can fail within few years from high temperatures. Regular film is often use for a better appearance look of your vehicle.
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